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Your Choices Reflect Your Priorities

Feature photo: Daniel Hjalmarsson

January is always a busy time of year.. okay every time of year seems to be a busy time of year however, many individuals use this time as an opportunity to cultivate and develop new lifestyle habits! My “Year of Growth Challenge” will not only give you a sneak peak into the changes and reflections I will be practicing and checking off of my “lifestyle bucket list” over this next year however, also focus’ on supporting you to reflect, learn, practice or implement changes you feel may be beneficial… or perhaps you’re just here for entertainment… that’s fair too!

On occasion I may check in, help remind you WHY you are wanting to make these changes, as well as offer a few challenges for you to practice. My posts and articles will focus on helping us explore, tweaking our eating habits, challenging our minds, staying hydrated, moving a little bit more, sleeping a little more sound, finding balance (whatever that means to us), improving our relationships, de-cluttering our space, practicing mindfulness, feeling more confident learning and exploring the things that are important to us .. and of course my personal step by step reflections to help us get there! Throughout this year find what you enjoy and learn what doesn’t work for you!

Think about where you see yourself in a year? How do you feel/present/move/eat…? Commit to improving your wellness, commit to yourself,  you deserve it! Step by step every piece is important and makes a difference!

Stay tuned for the first challenge to be revealed! In the words of Becca… “lets do the damn thing!”

Welcome! I am a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes educator wanting to share my perspective on health with you!

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