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Product Review: AUGA Carrot Soup

Who doesn’t feel like venturing out in the snow and -20 weather today? 🙋🏻‍♀️. Ladies and gents, I typically love the snow, but today I am chilled to the bones and just not quite feeling it. When I rolled in home from work today at 6:42pm the last thing I wanted to do was cook. All I wanted to do was snuggle up in a fuzzy blanket and contemplate if I should do some yoga or browse through Westjets winter sales (honestly though, they currently have some awesome deals to some sunny destinations!). Therefore, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start working my way through the various food products I’ve been asked to comment on, nutritionally, cost wise and taste wise over the last year! Yes, I kept a list and have it in my Simply Nourished plan to report back on as many of them as I can in the Simply Nourished blog over this next year! To start I decided to try a warm bowl of quick and easy soup!

The product:

Carrot soup, purchased in bulk at Costco! It comes with 5 packages (1 package would be good for 1 person with a moderate appetite).

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Let’s start with the nutrition facts label (The information discussed is for 1 cup of soup unaltered).

Things that stand out to me:


    4g/cup which in my opinion is a moderate amount! And the beautiful thing about soup is you can always easily add more, by tossing in some quinoa, or chopped veggies or if you want to further thicken soup you can also add a fibre supplement or chia seeds!


    , 2g/cup is a tad low if you’re having it as a full meal but again, if having this soup as a full meal you can easily add more by tossing in some beans or lentils or shredded chicken.

Trans fat

    , there’s no trans fat which is excellent. Fun fact, in Canada artificial trans fats are now banned!


    this soup is a little high in sodium/ salt with 750mg of sodium/ cup. However it is a LOT lower in comparison to other quick soups that are often 40% sodium! Also to help with diluting the sodium a tad, I often will add a few ups of no salt added chicken broth, plus it adds flavour!
    This product also has a little bit of added potassium, Calcium and iron!

My rating 7/10


The directions on the label state to either heat on stovetop or microwave soup however how I prepared it is as follows, and was still quick!

  1. Heat 1 tsp of olive oil in pan (1 min)
  2. I had left over minced garlic and onion in a container from the other night so I tossed about 1/4 cup in the pan. (2 min)
  3. I added in about 1/4 cup shredded chicken (I also had in the fridge from yesterday).
  4. I then opened the pureed carrot soup and added it into the pot with two cups of “no salt added chicken broth”, oregano , black pepper and a sprinkle of tumeric. (1 min)
  5. I threw in two handfuls of spinach and a handful of frozen peas.
  6. Simmered for 2 min
  7. Total time 8- 10 min and I had three bowls of soup. See photo below… sorry for the splashes and the poor presentation, in our house we are more about good tasting food rather than spending time on presentation.

Preparation score 10/10 for ease, effort and ability to alter recipe!

Taste and flavour!

This soup was exactly what I needed today! Warm and tasty. This soup had a lovely ginger flavour, which paired well with the added oregano. Next time I would love to try with Rosemary. Although I added a few cups of broth the texture was still fairly thick and a little creamy.

My rating 7/10


At Costco in Grande Prairie Alberta a case with 5 packages of soup costs $9.99.

My rating: 9/10. I felt this product is reasonably priced for what you get! It didn’t get 10/10 because I took into account the cost of adding another ingredient or two with protein and fibre to keep me full.

Overall! I think this will be a buy again especially to keep in the pantry as one of our quick options for overly busy days or days where we have zero motivation to cook!
I appreciate everyone has a different taste palette and preferences and would love to hear what you thought about this product! Feel free to comment below!

** Please note I received NO financial compensation for completing this review and bought the product to try after someone else had asked my opinion on it!

Welcome! I am a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes educator wanting to share my perspective on health with you!

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