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What do we eat in a week?

Here is an example of our plan and grocery list for this upcoming week. If it is not Costco week I like to “click and collect” but this week we went into the store as I missed the deadline to submit my order! We usually sit down over coffee (and baileys!) and chat about what we are feeling like this week and what we need to use up! Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that this is not a structured “meal plan”, as there is NO “one size fits all”, nutrition can be different and should be different person to person based on activity, health status, preference, values and more! Please consider this document as inspiration to perhaps give you ideas for the upcoming week or guide you to explore different planning tips and tricks that may work for you. When looking through the attached document, I recommend that you swap in foods you enjoy or foods in your fridge that you need to use up! For example, we have Brussels sprouts and green beans to use up so we tossed those into our plan this week! Some people plan just suppers and use leftovers for lunch (clearly that’s what we do! I also have extra bagged salads in the fridge in case I dont feel like leftovers.) and others would rather have something different prepped or planned for lunch, that’s awesome too, figure out what works for you!


We do not prep all the recipes on Sunday, we cook day to day based on what we feel. We personally like to pre prep breakfast and a few snacks (this week ill prep overnight oats, hard boiled eggs and easy oatmeal banana bites). Other then that we cook day to day!

We hope by seeing our flexible “plan” for the week we inspire and give you a few ideas for the week!

Please share your thoughts!

Welcome! I am a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes educator wanting to share my perspective on health with you!

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