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Packing 101: Maui Edition

How to pack in under 1 hour for a 10 day beach vacation, you are in the right place! Hopefully, some of these tips and tricks help you out or inspire you to travel.

Tip #1: Do not over plan. I am sure we can all relate. When we start planning for every single situation we end up for every “what if” situation”. Thinking, “I MIGHT need this” AND “what if i need that?”. When I start to OVER plan, we end up with a lot more then we actually need, actually will use and even with things that we could easily make do without.

Tip #2: Is it lightweight and versatile? When packing, take into consideration if the piece is lightweight (does not take up much room), does not wrinkle too easily and can be layered and worn in different and various ways! ALSO make sure it is comfortable!

Tip #3: What plane is on your itinerary? I always take this into consideration because I like easy traveling. Therefore, if you take a peak at your itinerary you are able to know which type of plane you are on. If I am on a little larger plane with larger overhead compartments and leg room, I typically do not mind having carry on items. If its a smaller plane, I am more likely to adjust my carry on or check my bags. Lastly, take into consideration how many transfers you have!

Tip #4: What airport are you flying into? Some airports have terrible baggage pick up areas, and in some places, individuals typically stand as CLOSE TO THE baggage carousel as they can, (despite the fact that if everyone took a step back to increase the circumference of the circle around the baggage carousel, everyone would easily be able to see and retrieve their bag, but that is a different story). Therefore, if I know that the airport we are flying into has an AWFUL baggage pick up area I am more likely to aim for a CARRY on only and make a few purchases if needed once I get there.

Tip #5: Whats your plan once you get there? If we are in a rush on the way to where ever we are going and need to get off the plane and get to an event or dinner we will always go with the carry on only that way we can get in and out and on our war as quick as we can!

Tip#6: You always need less then you need!

What did I pack for Maui:

Full suitcase (carry on)

1. Two long maxi dresses

2. Two long maxi skirts

3. 6 swim suits

4. Two shorts (1 jean and 1 athletic)

5. Two T-shirt’s

6. Flippers, snorkel, goggles, mesh back pack

7. Disc golf set

8. Sandals

9. Basic toiletries: toothbrush, small face sunscreen (SPF: 40), my Clinique sunscreen (all in a ziplock baggie for easy security access)

10. Empty water bottle (fill once you’re through security)

11. Snacks

12. Passport

13. Money and money belt

14 book

15. Quick dry towel

16. Small beach Blanket

17. Earbuds

Swim suits

Shirts, dresses, shirts and shorts

What I am planning to Purchase once I get to Maui:

1. Shampoo

2. Conditioner

3. Body wash

4. Sunscreen

5. Food

6. Alcohol


1. Protein drinks (easy and quick to grab for snacks or a quick breakfast when needed)

2. Granola bars

3. Canned tuna and cracker snacks (again a great non perishable snack)

4. Flat of water

5. Fruit ( oranges and apples)

6. Ice

7. Beer, wine and Baileys

8. Trail mix

9. Sunscreen

Anybody have any suggestions or recommendations for what I forgot?

Welcome! I am a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes educator wanting to share my perspective on health with you!

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