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Environmentally Friendly or Environmental Faux Pax?

The 5 Swaps that I easily incorporated into my everyday life!

I always thought I was fairly conscious of my environmental impact. I use reusable water bottles, reusable grocery bags, I recycle, I have a stainless steel straw…but upon a quick awareness tune up I am able to admit, I was very wrong!

Upon reading an article about a month back, I became more aware of my day to day activities and was mindful of how they directly or indirectly affect the environment. This simple mind shift and becoming more aware was a HUGE eye opener. I decided there were a few easy tweaks that our household could shift within our day to day life that would reduce waste, reduce our energy usage and be a little better for the environment (every bit helps).

Before I continue on, I am by NO means an expert in this area, and I am aware that I by no means live 100% environmentally friendly. This post is simply my response to an awareness activity I decided to partake in and what I did about it.

Please note that this post is a sponsored post however it reflects my personal experience and my honest thoughts on the different things I tried!

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels
  1. The Bathroom!
    • The very first thing I became aware of was how many bottles I had cluttering my vanity shelves and in the shower. Shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, body washes, moisturizing, exfoliating… and more! The SWAP: We are testing out Shampoo bars. Firstly, they reduce the need for plastic bottles, they are concentrated and therefore last longer than traditional shampoos (by 2-3 bottles!). It also reduce transportation costs as it is much smaller and lighter. If you have your tried and true shampoo and are NOT interested in trying a shampoo bar, you can also make sure you recycle your shampoo bottles. I dont know about you, but I have a feeling I am guilty of throwing them out as opposed to recycling.
    • Skin care and makeup: You gotta use what works, I get it. But using products that have zero or little packaging can make a difference. If you are someone that uses disposable makeup wipes, cotton ball etc you can purchase reusable ones, such as eco rounds. Lastly, be mindful of the ingredients in the products you use, they not only impact our own health (our skin is an organ and absorbs what we put on it!) but it impacts the environment as well. For example, microbeads, the tiny beads found in face washes and body washes and sulphates are a few to be aware of.

“Within 1 year an estimated 19 tonnes of microbeads were added to our water system.”

Erikson, 2013

2. Reduce food waste, in our house we are honestly pretty good at planning, shopping and limiting food waste. However, if there is a week we don’t plan I definitely notice the food waste increase and the forgotten leftovers being dug up from the abyss of the fridge to be discarded! Try planning out your meals, and using leftover accordingly to reduce your food waste! Looking for ideas…. check out any of my weekly meal inspiration posts and Taylor it to your needs!

3. Cleaning products! I like to use products such as Norwex, vinegar and baking soda and Truman’s products, they reduce waste, reduce the use of some chemicals (again our skin absorbs products and chemicals can get into the air we breath) and still keep our home clean!

“if even 5% of people choose Truman’s products over traditional cleaning brands we would save 3.7 billion gallons of water from being shipped and 294 million pounds of plastic from being used.”

Trumans, 2019.

Full disclosure, we have received a free Truman’s starter kit to trial as well as financial compensation for reviewing the product. We have not yet received the but stay tuned and we will let you know how it goes! If you are interested in testing it out, shoot me a message or comment below and I can give you a code for 30% off.

4. Coffee filters. I use a reusable cup but I didn’t pay as much attention to the waste I was creating when making my coffee. Whether you have a single serve coffee machine with paper filters or a traditional large pot coffee maker you can use reusable coffee filters to greatly reduce plastic (think of the K-cups) and waste. I for one have 1-3 coffees/day, in a year that would be 365 large pot coffee filters OR up to 1000 K cups… that’s only for ONE person. If you use paper coffee filters you are also able to compost those, just make sure they are not bleached!

5. Periods! Two words, Diva cup. Ladies, if you are comfortable, give it a try. Did you know it is estimated that one menstruating individual will dispose of 125 – 150kg kg of disposable product over their lifetime (NoImpactProject, 2019)… and remember many of these products are wrapped in plastic or have plastic applicators. Not quite ready to try a reusable product, try using products wrapped in paper, with no applicator or with a cardboard applicator.

Try it out! Whether it be, becoming aware of the products you are using and the things you are throwing out or disposing of throughout this week or making a swap right away! Any other recommendations or easy swaps you incorporate that can make all the difference? Let me know!

Welcome! I am a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes educator wanting to share my perspective on health with you!

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